Next Steps.... Your guide to enrolling at Oregon State University

1. Pay your Advance Tuition Deposit (ATD)

  • The $200 ATD confirms your intent to enroll at OSU.
  • Fall Term only: Your ATD is refundable by May 1. As of May 2, the ATD is nonrefundable.
  • For all other terms, the ATD is refundable up to three weeks before the start of the term.

2. Apply for Financial Aid

  • To be considered for financial aid from federal and state sources, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list Oregon State University as one of your first choices, with Federal School Code 003210.
  • To have the best chance of receiving aid, you should mail your FAFSA to the central processor by February 1.

3. Apply for scholarship opportunities

  • The OSU Admission Application includes a scholarship section, which must be completed to be considered for OSU's various scholarship opportunities. Please refer to the website http://oregonstate.edu/admin/finaid for minimum scholarship eligibility and additional scholarship information. Deadline is February 1.
  • Some OSU colleges and academic departments offer scholarships to students majoring in their programs. You should contact your major department for availability.
  • Because some scholarships require FAFSA information, all entering students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA by February 1.

4. Apply for on-campus housing

  • You will receive a booklet that describes the many great housing options at OSU. Apply early to secure the housing location that's right for you.
  • New freshmen enrolling at Oregon State within one year of high school graduation are required to live on campus. Learn more about our first year student live-on policy here.

5. Immunization Record

6. Visit campus

  • If you have not visited OSU or wish to become more familiar with the campus, please come visit us at any time. To schedule a personal visit, give us a call at 541-737-2626 or
  • 800-291-4192. Also, you can check open house dates and request a visit on our Website at http://oregonstate.edu/visitosu.

7. Attend OSU START (Fall Term Only) Summer Advising and Registration Program

  • START is an opportunity for new, fall term OSU students to come meet with an academic advisor, discuss program options, and register for fall term courses. In addition, both students and parents are provided useful information to familiarize them with OSU. For questions about START, call 541-737-7627 or 1-800-291-4192.
  • Payment of the Advance Tuition Deposit is required to register for the START program. START registration information will be mailed to students who have paid the ATD.
  • Payment of the Advanced Tuition Deposit and signing up for START will trigger an assessment of any credits you are transferring into OSU.

8. Attend CONNECT

  • CONNECT is OSU's popular fall orientation program for new students. Find a current schedule of events here.

9 . Start classes! Fall term classes begin Monday, September 29, 2014.