Admissions Application Change Form

Admissions Application Change Form

Use this form to make changes to term of admission, major, and/or campus location. Aside from the required fields, you only need to fill out the sections that need to be changed. Please allow up to two weeks for all change requests to be processed.

Due to differences in how new freshmen are considered for admission for Summer and Fall terms, any new student wishing to switch their entry term may need to be reconsidered for admission under the policy and process outlined at http://oregonstate.edu/admissions/main/admission-requirements-1.

This form is for undergraduate changes only. If you are a graduate student, please use the graduate application change form.

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Your OSU ID number beginning with 930, 931, 932, or 933 is available on all communications from Admissions, or by emailing our office.. NOTE: Forms submitted without a valid OSU ID WILL NOT BE PROCESSED.

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Change Your Term of Admission

Note: Have you already registered for courses for term you originally applied to? If so you must also contact the Registrar's Office to withdraw from those courses. By not doing so, you will be billed for those courses.

Note: Your application fee is valid for one term change within an academic year. Requesting more than one subsequent term change or a change to a different academic year, will require submission of a new admission application and application fee.

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Due to differences in how and when new students are considered for admission at OSU-Cascades and OSU in Corvallis, prospective students may not use this form to switch campuses and are required to apply and be considered for admission to each campus separately.

Students admitted to the Corvallis campus may use this form to switch to Ecampus (online/distance) and vice-versa.

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I understand and agree that OSU-Cascades Campus and its partner institutions will share/release information (financial and educational) between the institutions consistent with federal and state laws, on applied and admitted students. I understand that electronic data transmission may be done through the Oregon Student Assistance Commission.