Flavors from Cascadia Market

Foreign candies


Cascadia produce section“Hey walking buddy, I missed you on our noon walk … but those meetings are important. I walked over to Cascadia Market in the International Living-Learning Center on south campus to check out their gluten free products.  If your gluten-sensitive niece is coming to spend the weekend, you will need an assortment of gluten free foods so you both feel supported.
Cascadia Market has these yummy Blue Diamond Almond Rice Crackers or Hazelnut Rice Crackers that taste good alone or with cheese or hummus or peanut butter. Oregon Cracker Company has three flavors of gluten-free, corn-free crackers and three flavors of gluten-free granola bars. Oskri Cashew Honey Crunch and Almond Honey Crunch are gluten-free and dairy-free.  Betty Lou’s Gluten Free Fruit Bars come in strawberry, blueberry or cherry.  NuGo Gluten Free Carrot Cake Bar and Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar are also soy free and dairy free.  And if that is not enough for snacking options, LaraBar has six Fruit & Nut Bars that are gluten-free, dairy free, soy free.
I counted seven types of gluten-free breakfast cereals.  EnviroKidz Gorilla Munch or Amazon Frosted Flakes or Peanut Butter Panda Puffs can be eaten straight from the box or with milk.  Enjoy Life Cinnamon Raisin Crunch Granola, Erewhon Brown Rice Cereal, and Perky’s Crunchy Rice Cereal are all nut-free and gluten-free.  Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal is made with certified gluten-free oats.
Cascadia Market has gluten-free rice pastas such as DeBoles Spaghetti and Penne, or Thai Kitchen Thin Rice Noodles, or Ancient Harvest Corn Quinoa Elbows or Spaghetti.  They even have Annie’s Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese mix.  Gluten Free Café has canned Chicken Noodle Soup and Vegetable Noodle Soup.
In the freezer, Cascadia Market carries Udi’s Gluten Free Bread and Bagels and Pizza Crust. They also have ready to heat Glutino Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese and Cheese Pizza.
Wow, Cascadia Market has many gluten free products.  Your niece will have no problem finding foods to eat while she visits you.  Be sure to use your Orange Rewards card for the discount too.  See you next week walking buddy.”
Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
Feb. 16, 2012


A Taste of Gelato

“Hey walking buddy, I missed you on our noon walk.  I hiked over to Cascadia Market in the International Living-Learning Center on south campus.  I was still a bit hungry, so I started walking the aisles.  Found myself in front of the gelato/sorbetto case. 
Stella Gelato is made in Eugene, Ore., using a local family-owned dairy that raises its own cows, grows its own feed, and does not use growth hormones. The berries are Northwest grown and organic.  All the citrus is freshly squeezed in their own kitchen.
Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream.  Gelato is smoother in texture and more richly flavored than American-style ice cream. It has a lower butterfat content.  It also has a denser texture as it does not contain as much air as ice cream.  Sorbettos never contain milk; they are dairy-free.  Sorbettos are made from fruit juices and/or fresh fruit purees. 
The deli staff offered me a taste of sorbetto.  What a dilemma. The sorbetto flavors are mango, lemon, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry banana.  I tried the mango – mmmmmmmm good.  It tasted like a ripe fresh cold mango.
Then I sampled a gelato.  Another dilemma.  So many flavors to choose from — chocolate, caramel swirl, chocolate almond, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate banana, strawberry, white Russian, pistachio, orange and cream, black cherry, coconut white chocolate.  But you know how much I love chocolate …. It was creamy and smooth with a rich dark chocolate flavor.  Mmmmmm!
I left with a scoop of chocolate hazelnut gelato and a scoop of mango sorbetto to entertain me as I returned to work.  The cost was $3.35 but I used my orange rewards card to get 10 percent off.  What a good deal! 
See you next week walking buddy.”
Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
March 1, 2012



“Hey walking buddy, I sure enjoyed that Brew Dr. Kombucha Tea we tried over at Cascadia Market in the International Living-Learning Center on south campus.  I have heard kombucha tea talked about, so it was fun to taste it. 

Kombucha tea has some wild claims so I thought I would read about it.  Kombucha tea is different from traditional tea.  Brew Dr. Kombucha Tea is a fermented raw food made from high quality teas, organic medicinal herbs, organic sugar, and a starter of a cake-like colony of bacteria and yeast often referred to as a mushroom.  It is allowed to ferment at room temperature to form carbon dioxide which gives it slight carbonation.  Then it is chilled to slow the fermentation down. 

The health benefits attributed to kombucha tea include stimulating the immune system and improving digestion and liver function.  The healthful tonic contains significant amounts of B vitamins and probiotic and digestive enzymes.  It is said that this fermented tea calms the nervous system and promotes a general sense of wellbeing. The teas used in preparing kombucha provide significant amounts of antioxidants. I suspect that liking kombucha tea is an acquired taste.  It has a sweet yet bubbly tart flavor, somewhere between wine and vinegar.

Brew Dr. Kombucha is brewed and bottled in Portland.  It is 100 percent raw and hosts 2.2 billion live and active organisms per bottle. (I wonder how they counted those organisms?)  Cascadia Market carries four flavors: Clear Mind, Superberry, White Rose, Lemon Ginger Cayenne.  I have tasted them all.  It’s a good thing I get my Orange Rewards discount.”
Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
March 15, 2012


“Hey walking buddy, I am so excited about strolling over to Cascadia Market today. You are in for a real treat. Cascadia now carries Seattle Chocolate Truffles … in 15 flavors. These are bite size truffles with a meltaway chocolate center infused with decadent ingredients surrounded by a rich chocolate shell.  They use fine European milk chocolate and dark chocolate and pure, all natural flavorings.  These truffles are creamy and smooth and rich in chocolate flavor, not waxy or super sweet.  They come wrapped in stylish neon foil, each flavor a different color.  And the flavors, oh my… blackberry, café mocha, cappuccino, coconut macaroon, cool mint, espresso, peanut butter, mint, rainier cherry, raspberry, San Juan sea salt, toffee, as well as milk, dark, and extreme dark chocolate. 

We know that chocolate is full of heart-healthy antioxidants and it does wonders for your spirit.  So being able to sample gourmet truffles at 35¢ each is awesome.  With my orange rewards card I can sample all 15 flavors for under $5. I have been known to offer wine glasses of these colorful assorted Seattle Chocolate Truffles at small dinner parties.  People love trading flavors (or hoarding certain flavors like my daughter does).  We will take some back to the office today and make everyone’s day better.

Seattle Chocolate Truffles are all natural, kosher, and gluten free, but contain milk and soy.   Their facility does process peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and wheat.”

Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
April 18, 2012



“Hi walking buddy,

Remember that chocolate yogurt that KT was raving about at lunch last week? Well, I found it at Cascadia Market in the International Living Learning Center in south campus. The brand is So Delicious and the yogurt is made from coconut milk and contains no dairy. It is made in Springfield.

Cascadia Market has quite a selection of non-dairy yogurts. Whole Soy yogurts are made from organic soymilk, are vegan and gluten-free. Amande yogurts are made from almond milk and are vegan and soy free.

Cascadia Market also carries dairy milk yogurts. Cascade Fresh yogurts are lowfat and sweetened with fruit juices. Redwood Hill Farms yogurts are made from goat milk and are gluten free. Nancy’s yogurts are made in Eugene, some flavors are organic and little sweetener is used. Zoi’s thick greek-style yogurts are gluten-free. Greek Gods greek-style yogurts have a pomegranate flavor that is tart and sweet.

Cascadia also carries Nancy’s organic Kefirs. These are cultured milk drinks sweetened with fruit containing lots of active probiotics. Wow, my digestion is feeling very supported with these yogurts and kefirs. Catch you later walking buddy.”

Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
May 2, 2012

Foriegn candies

"Hey walking buddy, did I have a fun time at Cascadia Market today.  I ran into a student happily buying European candies for her British mother.  The student told me that the European/British chocolates and candies taste better than their American counterparts or so her mother claims. Several Middle Eastern students also said these European candy bars are sold in their countries and they are happy to see them available here.

The Nestle British candy bars are Aero Original and Aero Mint, Yorkie, and Chunky KitKat.  Cadbury makes Curlywurly, Flake, Double Decker, and Crunchie.  Mars makes their candy bars in the Netherlands and has the Original Mars bar, Galaxy, Bounty, and Maltesers.  The Ritter Sport bars are from Germany and have several yummy flavors.  Loucks Sesame Snaps and Dark Chocolate Sesame Snaps are imported from Poland.  Manner Cream Filled Wafers, chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, are made in Austria.  La Vie hard candies in tins are made in Spain.

I also saw Kookaburra Liquorice from Australia, Glico Pocky Biscuit Sticks from Thailand, Lu Petit Ecolier Biscuits from France,  a variety of Scottish Walker Shortbread Cookies,  Delallo Italian Lady Fingers, and Helwa Organic Cream filled Wafers from Holland.

Cascadia Market also carries Coca-Cola in glass bottles.  This Coke is made in Mexico using beet sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.             

I learned something new today. Now I want to do taste comparisons with these international candies and cookies. Want to join me?"

Sheila Ulfers, Cascadia Market
May 16, 2012