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Beginning Sept. 14, UHDS is changing how food is served to-go at campus dining centers.

UHDS restaurants will provide reusable to-go containers in each dining center. This operational shift will save an estimated 600,000 disposable containers from reaching the landfill each year.

The new orange Eco2Go containers can be easily returned in the dining centers, resident hall kitchens and in designated receptacles across campus.

UHDS would like to thank all of the past participants that helped pilot the Eco2Go program over the past three years, by offering a one-time free coffee. Stop by any dining center office and present your “tag” or green old Eco2Go container to receive your coupon.

How It Works


  1. Order your food to-go from a UHDS restaurant
  2. Eat and enjoy
  3. Empty out your container 
  4. Return your container


Return Locations

Eco 2 Go return map

After emptying out your container, give it a quick rinse, return it to one of these locations:

  • In the dish return at any UHDS dining center
  • In the return bin located on each floor of every UHDS residence hall
  • At one of five outdoor locations on campus, including outside Peavy Hall, Austin Hall, Miliam Auditorium, Memorial Union and Kerr Administration Building.

More Info:

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